New Chamber of the Lazio Regional Council

Rome, 2001 - 2003

The project involves the construction of the new council room of the Lazio Region in Via della Pisana, Rome. The synthesis between the volumetric values, the planimetric-functional requirements, the dignity of the architectural solution, the appropriate elements for the insertion of the systems is the characteristic that aims to give unity to the project by solving the individual functional and plant engineering problems. Beyond the proposals of the individual elements, benches, seats and wall coverings the project tends to achieve the sense of formal and functional architectural unity through this solution that despite the constraints of a rectangular room proposes the definition of a form consistent with the purpose and with the dignity of the institution.

The theme of accessibility was fundamental, in fact, the public accesses directly from the height (+3.40 meters) of the main entrance of the building and takes place going down the five rows up to the height (+2.74 meters) of the window. From this altitude going down two steps (altitude +2.38 meters) you can access both the control desk and the tribune of the authorities, from the tribune of the authorities you can not access the classroom (the separation takes place with a balustrade without glass) while the direction space for technical reasons is open. The classroom is connected with the two current doors on the lower floor at 0.00. The right access is at an altitude of +0.34 meters and is served by a large outdoor landing with two steps and a ramp for disabled. Finally, from the public space (+3.40 meters), in line with the system and through a glass window, you can access the two halls of Rutili and Sabini and the adjacent offices.